I'm Here - a creative arts project for carers of people living with dementia

Stage one

During 2016 diaries were distributed to Carers throughout South Norfolk and Norwich. These diaries were to be used in any way helpful for participants. In September several diaries were collected back in and used as inspiration for a 18 minute one-woman performance. This performance was shown at the Wymondham Literary Festival in October 2016.There was also a poetry reading and a Q&A session.

During this performance people were asked to feedback their feelings and thoughts.

Stage two

To counter the serious of the Diary project, Slow Worked with the Pabulum Cafe to design a duck for the Break Great Duck race. This duck proved to be a great conversation simulator with the members and provoked many funny stories.

Then in 2017, Danny directed a group from the cafe in a dementia-friendly pantomime. Cinderella did go to the ball, albeit in a garden wheelbarrow. It was great fun with plenty of audience participation. No two rehearsals were the same and scripts and words were only used as a guideline. The cafe was alive with laughter that day.

Stage three

The I'm Here creative arts exhibition at the Millennium Library as part of the national Dementia Awareness Week May 15th - 20th

During this week the dairies will be on view along side audio recordings from local Carers, art work from the Wymondham Dementia Cafe, created by people living with dementia and a further performance of I'm Here.

Slow Theatre Company will be working with local poets, hi-hop artists and writers to produce an hour of spoken word every day at the library during the week, times below:

18,000 Sculpture
In partnership with Wymondham Dementia Cafe, Slow is coordinating the development of a large sculpture to open at the Millennium library exhibition. This sculpture is being created with local artist Tsubi Du using 18,000 forget-me-nots, crotchet by Wymomdham Dementia Cafe members to represent the 18,000 people living with dementia in Norfolk today.

This artwork will be on view from May 15th in the Millennium Library

Well-being workshops
At our workshops we drawer on games and exercises from theatre, improv and mindfulness to create a fun and relaxed hour where people can have fun, laugh and enjoy their hour together.

We are starting sessions monthly in Bowthorpe, open to anyone facing a chronic illness, dementia or other personal challenges, please email us for further details.

We are available to run these workshops at very affordable prices, anywhere in Norfolk. Please get in touch for further details.

Thank you's!

Firstly thank you to all the Carers and people living with dementia that have taken time to take part in all of our activities, we do not underestimate that this at times must have felt like an impossible task.

We thank Caroline Varney-Bowers at the Millennium Library for the great partnership working getting the exhibition to the library.

A massive thank you to our lovely artists, Sally Adams for her wonderful work on our Break charity duck race Molly and to Tsubi Du, for her amazing work getting the I'm Here sculpture to life.

Both ladies worked free of charge, attended meetings at the cafe and worked with us, both truly wonderful community arts facilitators.

Thank you for financial assistance to:
Wymondham Town Council,
Norfolk Carers
South Norfolk Council
Funders: The Carers Agency Partnership
Wymondham Town Council

You can get in touch by emailing info@slowtheatrecompany.co.uk