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Slow Theatre Company was founded by Danny O'Hara in 2010, and transferred into a social enterprise in 2015. 


We have placements for DofE students, for people who are keen to get work experience in the arts or teaching and for those that just love theatre!

Slow Theatre Company delivers ambitious cultural projects and events within the community, with the community.

Inclusion across race, ethnicity, health, disability, gender, age, religion, identity and experience is central to us as humans and us, as an organisation.

A small not-for-profit organisation, we have a big heart, thus any profit we may earn, are spent on delivering the highest quality arts workshops, projects & classes with people, often facing personal challenges, without any theatre tradition.

Slow Theatre also delivers classes developing acting techniques, confidence, team building and imagination for children and young adults.

Our theatre practitioners and directors are all highly trained and working within the arts industry; whilst also trained to Designated Officer level in safeguarding.

Taking part in a Slow Theatre project or class, we encourage members to take risks, we help them to explore the world they live in, offer them something new to try, and at all times help them to feel supported.

Meet us:

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Becky was our Project Assistant for Atlantica and The International Creative Lab. Becky has trained in musical theatre and joined Slow Theatre Company in January 2020. 

Sope was a volunteer with Slow Theatre company between October 2020 to February 2021. Sope helped with our online presence for the International Creative Lab. 

Sope is studying at the UEA.

The Directors:

As a social enterprise, Slow Theatre Company has 3 unpaid Directors responsible for the Company; who strive to ensure the Company's social purpose is fulfilled.

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Danny O'Hara

Special interest is in the arts industry.

As well as being Artistic Director, Danny works freelance as producer, director and improviser. Danny works with small and large companies throughout the Uk and is passionate about accessibility in the arts.  Danny is the Designated Safeguarding Officer for Slow with Core safeguarding training. You can see more about Danny's other work here: 

Rachel Hobson
Special interest in drama in education.
Rachel has worked in primary and secondary schools in London and Norfolk, and also worked in teacher training. She sees drama and theatre as a powerful way to learn, and believes that through such experiences we can explore others’ lives and so learn more about ourselves.
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