International Creative Lab

An artistic online experiment  between artists in Norfolk, UK and  Brazil, Nicaragua, Greece,

Germany, Hong Kong & India 

In direct response to the national and international lockdowns throughout 2020,  Danny O'Hara produced  The International Creative Lab:  an online remote rehearsal room that connects 7 Norfolk multidisciplinary artists together with 7 artists around the globe. In direct response to the shutting down of theatre and the arts across the UK, Slow Theatre Company attempted to support freelancer artists to keep collaborating, keep making, to connect and to inspire.

Two individuals, from two different creative disciplines, from two different places in the world, came together to inspire and respond to the stimulus You Me Here Now. 


Through the body of work, you will see artists connect, communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings and questions as well as create artistic happenings right there in the moment.  Crossing borders, disciplines, cultures and languages with BSL and language interpretation on some, this body of work can give fresh ideas and inspiration for your practice and new beginnings.  Watch now free on Slow's YouTube channel. 

Watch a Live Artist & Musical Theatre collaborate

With Porgtuguise Interpretation. 

Watch a Classical Indian Dancer & a Animator/Poet collaborate

Watch two Theatre Makers collaborate. With BSL Interpreter

This a place for experimentation, play, curiosity and collaboration, this is not an end performance. It could be a beginning, a place to spark a new idea, a chance to begin something.

After the hour, there was a discussion between the artists and facilitator Louise Orwin or Danny O'Hara. 

Ever wondered if you can create with others across zoom? Interested to know what folk dancing in Nicaragua has in common with protest theatre in the UK?

Can a harpist work with a performance artist? 

Watch the body of work on Slow's YouTube channel.

Some of the artists get together for the first time, from across time zones


Annelies Dixie

Live Artist

Norfolk, UK

Ana Elisa Marques

Musical Theatre Performer


Edalia Day

Spoken Word Artist 

Video Designer

Theatre maker

Norfolk, UK

Subhashini Goda

Dance - Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical)

Tamil Nadu, India

Christoforos Pavlakis

Theatre Maker with special emphasis on wellbeing in the community

Athens, Greece

Duncan Joseph

Theatre Director and Educator

Norfolk, UK

Elmon Vanegas

Folk Dancer

El Viejo, Nicaragua

Wai Kit Lam

Visual Art

Photography Video Art Text Sound


Hong Kong


Marta Lodola

Performance Art Multidisciplinary


Berlin, Germany



Interdisciplinary primarily Film/Video

Poetry; Watercolour &

Ink Portraiture

Norfolk, UK

Ruth Biene

Performance Art Live Art

Norfolk, UK

Xenia Horne


Norfolk, UK

Danny O'Hara

Theatre Director

Theatre Maker


Norfolk, UK

Every artist is asked to look at the stimulus You Me Here Now. 

Here's our PR volunteer Sope talking about what this stimulus means to her.

In one of recent exchanges, when talking through the stimulus You - Me - Here - Now - it brought our artists to talk about how this has changed in both our moments within lockdown houses and homes and across the online platforms that we now use so universally. It made us think and remember touch and hands.

Touch being so often overlooked, in time before this year, as a way to communicate and share emotional connections, and hands, the tool in so many ways to give and receive connections.

When we lose our consensual touch through hands what do we lose within us?  

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Slow Theatre Company is a social enterprise, any surplus is put towards the company’s social purpose, to help people improve their lives and their local community, through the creative arts. Slow’s objectives are: 1. to offer high quality, affordable, fun creative classes for adults and children 2. use the creative arts for and with people facing stressful and challenging situations in their personal lives and their communities 3, to develop and encourage new work with and for the community.

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