Wymondham Acting Club

North Wymondham Community Centre, 44 Lime Tree Ave, Wymondham NR18 0HH

10 – 11pm Mini’s (age 5 – 8)

11 – 12.30pm Young Performers (age 8 – 13)

12.30 – 2pm Youth Group (age 13+)

£75/£65/£60 You choose what you can afford.           10/11 Week Terms


Book us for Performance Techniques workshops in: 

  • Characterisation – how to access characters, develop characters, enjoy characters.

  • Voice and Breath – using the breath to project our voice and be more at ease when speaking in public.

  • Acting & Reacting – How to be natural within your character, respond to the script, looking for the action to find more depth.

  • Improv – Being in the moment and collaborating together.

Get in touch for a quote. email info@slowtheatrecompany.co.uk

If you can donate towards Slow Theatre Company’s work we’d really appreciate it. During the Covid 19 Lockdown, our main sources of income and fundraising has stopped. Since early March Slow Theatre Company has had to cease 80% of its activities. With no Arts Council Funding, we are raising funds to help establish our activities that include the Children's and Youth Company. 

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