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The Doll Who Came to Tea

 An original piece of theatre raises awareness of the association between child abuse and mental health issues, including voice-hearing. Using innovative and optional immersive techniques, the audience is drawn into the experience of a voice-hearer.  Age appropiate: 18+

The Doll Who Came to Tea

The Doll Who Came to Tea

"Big highlight of
Brighton Fringe
with a very
strong future ahead

of it." 

5 ***** Review:

Based on nearly 2 years of research & development including people on 3 different continents. 

With Arts Council England funding this piece opened at the Brighton Fringe in 2021 before touring to Camden fringe  2021 and Guildford Fringe 2021.

Now in 2024 Slow Theatre Company is bringing the piece back and will be touring in 2025. 

Using tech to immerse  the audience we will challenge you, make you part of the story and make you take note. 

We are looking to bring this important piece of theatre in front of medical, social workers and psychology students and professionals. If you would like us to bring this to your establishment please email us. 


60 minutes in length

Must have Wifi

Workshop and Q&A available. 

Trigger warnings: Subjects include rape, child sexual abuse, alcoholism, addiction

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